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FORD DIESEL 6.4L DIESEL, 4in MagnaFlow Diesel Performance


CHEVROLET DIESEL DURAMAX, 5in. SYSTEM MagnaFlow Diesel Performance

GM Silverado/Sierra   2001-2007
V8 - 6.6 L   Duramax

Performance Data:
Torque - Up to 19 lbs. x ft. increase
H.P. - Up to 9 H.P. increase
CFM - Up to 80 CFM increase

"Bully Dog"    #1 in Performance !

The Performance Management Tool (PMT)

The Performance Management Tool (PMT) has raised the bar on the next level of diesel performance in the automotive aftermarket. The revolutionary PMT is an adjustable on the fly downloader, monitor and gauge all packaged into one unit and is available exclusively from Bully Dog. The easy to use interface offers both push button or touch screen navigation; both navigation styles come with each unit and are active all the time. The color screen offers the best contrast and resolution of any screen in the industry along with the highest level of diesel performance that customers have come to expect from Bully Dog's engineers.

Display Capabilities:

  • Display 4 vehicle parameters at once (over 20 different vehicle parameters to choose from)
  • Full color display
  • Adjust Screen Backlighting
  • Touch Screen
  • Display current power level
  • Display analog and digital gauge styles
  • Display streaming data graphs
  • Display and Erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes

    Power Capabilities: Power added per setting varies between different vehicle applications.

  • Tow (30 added HP approximately)
  • Performance (75 added HP approximately)
  • Extreme (115-140 added HP approximately)

    Mounting Options: Being that the PMT does not require too much real estate we have three different recommended mounting positions: 

  • Custom A-pillar mount (not included)
  • Windshield mounting (adhesive not included)
  • Dash Mount (adhesive not included)

    Internet Upgradable: Using the Update Agent the PMT can be easily and quickly upgraded online to get new product features and new vehicle applications. 

    Installation: The PMT is installed by simply mounting the unit, plugging it into the OBD ll port, and then connecting the pyrometers. 

    Diagnostic Trouble Codes: Read Diagnostic Codes off of the engine computer, find out what the code description is and then erase the code from the vehicle compute

    Triple Dog Diesel Downloader

  • Take your Ford Power Stroke, Dodge Cummins or GM Duramax to a whole new level with Bully Dog's Triple Dog. No one can touch what Bully Dog is doing. Bully Dog is the only manufacturer that can offer you a downloader that will increase horsepower levels on the latest Dodge Ford or GM trucks with the same downloader. Bully Dog is also the only manufacturer that will allow you to change horsepower levels inside the cab with a downloader.

    The Triple Dog works on the following trucks:

    Dodge 5.9L '03 - '07 
    Ford 6.0L '03 - '07 
    Ford 7.3L '99-'03
    GM 01 - 07 

    The Triple Dog will now work on the '06 and '07 GM 4500 and 5500 models. At this time it will not work on earlier models.

    This is no ordinary downloader; this is the ultimate downloader revolutionizing the Diesel Performance Industry. Don't get left behind. We Triple Dog dare you to take the Triple Dog challenge. Go ahead and take it to next level.

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