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Dodge Lift Kits

The 6" system, in addition to new engine specific coils, includes a dropped pitman arm for steering correction, specially designed compression travel stops for the front and rear axles, a new track bar relocation bracket, and all new axle-to-frame link arms to restore factory alignment specifications. Optional Rockrunner links are availible for those who demand optimal articulation and off-road performance. Lift blocks raise the rear four inches to negate most of the factory nose-down stance. The factory rear springs are well designed units so axle wrap-up is generally not a problem.


2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab


2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab
6" Lift    17" Wheels    35" Tires

Truxx Leveling Kit

Dodge 2500  4x4


  • Designed for the 8-lug chassis with straight axles and coil spring front end
  • Allows fitting of up to 33" tires without trimming or rubbing (on some trucks you can fit 35" tires, 315/70 x 17, with stock off set style custom wheels (test fit as every company uses a different measuring tape)
  • Each kit contains two heavy duty spring extensions, lock nuts, pressed in studs, full color instructions and complete alignment specs
  • Increases ground clearance over traditional bracket type lift kits even without the use of larger wheels and tires for those interested in getting the most out of there truck for recreational or construction use
  • Truxxx kit is precision laser cut solid steel technology instead of low dollar off shore cast metal, out kit is engineered to exact tolerances and the laser cutting keeps each piece as we designed it to be
  • 2" lift with NO CHANGE in OEM ride quality



Dodge 2500 4x4    18" Wheels    35" Tires